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Top lines that are so sudden after thirteen years

There now follows a ranking of the top lines and exchanges of the seventh production season of Futurama, shown here with the episode in which they appeared. Criteria included interestingness, funnyness, and memorableness.

Eligibility was limited to lines and exchanges that were interesting, funny, or memorable on their own merits. Lines and exchanges that were dependent upon sight gags or the programme’s structure were not eligible. For example, Guenter’s line about Amy’s marmoset costume, “Nice disguise, by the way. I won’t say anything.”, was funny due to his subsequent action.

Images are provided courtesy Morbotron.

1. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: Do I, Philip J Fry, take you, Turanga Leela, to be my lawful wedded wife?Turanga Leela: You do. Do I, Turanga Leela, take you, Philip J Fry, to be my lawful wedded husband?Philip J Fry: Yes?Turanga Leela: Absolutely.

2. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Philip J Fry: Okay, to see if you’re the real Bender, I’m gonna ask you something only he would know.Philip J Fry: On your last birthday, what gift did I get you?Bender Bending Rodriguez: I don’t remember.Philip J Fry: Me neither.Bender Bending Rodriguez: Okay, I’ll ask you one. What’s the square root of 2,345.4?Philip J Fry: That’s not something I would know.Bender Bending Rodriguez: Oh, yeah. Your turn.Philip J Fry: Um... what color is my shirt?Bender Bending Rodriguez: If I were the creature, I could just look at your shirt, dum dum!

3. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Amy Wong: Stop the end of the world sex! We might survive after all!

4. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Morbo: Welcome to Debate 3012, the 3,012th debate of the 3012 election year.

5. 7ACV18: “The Inhuman Torch”

Mayor C Randall Poopenmeyer: These boys must have hero in their bones.Mayor C Randall Poopenmeyer: And you, ma’am, must have heroin in your veins.

6. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Hermes Conrad: My god! One of the hundreds of contradictory prophecies is coming true!

7. 7ACV13: “Naturama”

Narrator: Just as in human society, only the biggest, most obnoxious males have any chance of mating.

8. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Sen Chris Travers: What would it take to convince you people?Sen Chris Travers: Would I have to have been born right before your eyes?Sal: It wouldn’t hurts.

9. 7ACV07: “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

LaBarbara Conrad: Is that a harpoon in your chest?!Hermes Conrad: Yes! And I’m happy to see you!

10. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: Well, what do you say? Wanna go around again?Turanga Leela: I do.

11. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

King of Flatbush: He’s opening our minds to new ideas! Kill him!

12. 7ACV21: “Assie Come Home”

Philip J Fry: Um... remember we were trying to guess what would happen if someone stuck a gun in my face...Philip J Fry: ...and you said I’d probably crap my pants?Philip J Fry: Well...

13. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: I’ve been tunneling for decades, searching every instant from yesterday to tomorrow.Philip J Fry: We’ve been right now the whole time!

14. 7ACV13: “Naturama”

Narrator: And so, the survival of the Pinta Island tortoise is assured.Tortoises: Mama![pause]Narrator: And so, the extinction of the Pinta Island tortoise is assured.Narrator: Two hundred million years of evolution, snuffed out.Narrator: For in the end, nature is horrific and teaches us nothing.Narrator: Coming up next, the hilarious antics of the elephant seal, the clown of the sea!

15. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Hermes Conrad: Is it just me, or is the world ending more often these days?

16. 7ACV07: “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

Turanga Leela: Fry, could you come in here and help me rub on this new scented body oil?Philip J Fry: In a second. I’m eavesdropping.Amy Wong: Please, Fry? Leela punishes me when I don’t use enough.Philip J Fry: I said not now!

17. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Your mouth just wrote a Paypal transfer request that your butt has insufficient funds to honor!

18. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Amy Wong: You can’t just put people on display! It’s cruel!Dr Banjo: Cruel? Was it cruel when humans caged other primates in zoos for centuries?Dr John A Zoidberg: Wait, I know the answer to this one.Dr John A Zoidberg: Yes.

19. 7ACV12: “Viva Mars Vegas”

Inez Wong: This much money could feed a small, starving planet. But it doesn’t!

20. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Turanga Leela: I didn’t recognize you with your head all swollen. But it looks better now.Philip J Fry: I guess the blood must have rushed somewhere else.

21. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Hermes Conrad: One more lap!Jibby: Naw, half a lap. You forgot, on a Möbius strip, two laps is one lap.Dr John A Zoidberg: Heh! You kids and your topology!

22. 7ACV23: “Game of Tones”

Fry’s mother: Lots of weird stuff could happen.Seymour: Philip, have you lost weight?

23. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: You were in a zoo!

24. 7ACV22: “Leela and the Genestalk”

Philip J Fry: Whoa! Remember that mural on my cousin’s van? It’s like it came to life!Bender Bending Rodriguez: I keep telling you, we didn’t grow up together!

25. 7ACV21: “Assie Come Home”

Philip J Fry: I never even knew you had an ass.Bender Bending Rodriguez: But... but...!

26. 7ACV23: “Game of Tones”

Turanga Leela: Sorry to disturb you all, but Fry needs to get going.Fry’s mother: I was just telling him that, Leela.Philip J Fry: Mom, you know Leela?Fry’s mother: Nope.

27. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Richard Nixon’s head: Rose Mary! Have we got any type of machinery to edit tape?Rose Mary: Oh, you know we do!

28. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Announcer: Purpleberry Puffs are the sweetest part of your complete breakfast!Announcer: Along with juice, toast, ham, eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, liver, waffles, and a big horse vitamin.

29. 7ACV11: “31st Century Fox”

Philip J Fry: It’s Bender’s middle finger! I’d recognize this anywhere!

30. 7ACV20: “Calculon 2.0”

Robot Devil: For Calculon’s immortal soul, guess the number I’m thinking of.Philip J Fry: Umm...Robot Devil: It’s between one and three.Philip J Fry: Four!Robot Devil: Between one and three, not including one or three.Philip J Fry: M!Bender Bending Rodriguez: Is he right?Robot Devil: Yes. The number I was thinking of was the letter M.

31. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Larry Bird: Hi, this is Larry Bird calling. Listen, my agent sent me that cartoon script...Larry Bird: ...and I’ve decided I don’t want to be involved in any way.

32. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Philip J Fry: Look, up there! There’s some up!

33. 7ACV21: “Assie Come Home”

Tarquin: It’s a hundred times more reflective than the mirror in my beacon. Might I keep it for the lighthouse?Bender Bending Rodriguez: What? No!Turanga Leela: But Bender, your buttocks could save lives.Bender Bending Rodriguez: I hate lives!Philip J Fry: These are sailors’ lives, Bender.Philip J Fry: Think of the untold cursing that would be lost to future generations.Philip J Fry: Could you live with that?Bender Bending Rodriguez: You know the answer, you scurvy bastard.

34. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Turanga Leela: Fry, this is amazing. You did all this by yourself?Philip J Fry: Uh-huh. All with stuff I found around the office.Philip J Fry: Top ramen in a Cremora sauce, Xerox blackened chicken.Philip J Fry: Oh, and for dessert, cherry throat lozenge jubilee.Turanga Leela: What a wonderful nighttime sneezing coughing stuffy head so I can rest dessert!

35. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Philip J Fry: You explained his positions in a way even an idiot could understand.Philip J Fry: And that appealed to me, for whatever reason.

36. 7ACV04: “The Thief of Baghead”

Calculon: I’m a celebrity! I can kill anyone I want!

37. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Zapp Brannigan: In recognition of your overwhelming victory, let’s call it a draw.

38. 7ACV01: “The Bots and the Bees”

Philip J Fry: Merry college registration day, everyone!

39. 7ACV09: “Free Will Hunting”

Judge 724: Counselor, I am a robot myself.Judge 724: Are you suggesting that any verdict I reach is simply the output of a preprogrammed –Judge 724: Computation complete.Judge 724: Not guilty!

40. 7ACV11: “31st Century Fox”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: What you call the atrocity of crazed dogs tearing a helpless fox to shreds...Bender Bending Rodriguez: ...others call a pleasant jaunt in the park.Turanga Leela: The first thing.

41. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Turanga Leela: Our safe new ship has arrived, and it’s gonna knock your socks back on, where they belong!

42. 7ACV13: “Naturama”

Announcer: Brought to you by Mutual of Omicron.Announcer: Insuring your world, and its destruction.

43. 7ACV07: “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

Hermes Conrad: I just don’t know how we’ll get by.LaBarbara Conrad: Then I guess this wouldn’t be a good time to tell you that I’m pregnant.Hermes Conrad: What?!LaBarbara Conrad: And you’re not the father.Hermes Conrad: No!LaBarbara Conrad: Ha ha ha! I’m just joking, husband. See now? Things don’t seem so bad any more, do they?Hermes Conrad: You’re right. Thank you, LaBarbara.LaBarbara Conrad: Oh, also, I wrecked the car.

44. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: With one sixth gravity, you can work and be lazy at the same time. It’s like being a voice actor!

45. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Philip J Fry: I didn’t know we had a panic room.Turanga Leela: Me neither. It really could have come in handy.Turanga Leela: Like, fifty times.

46. 7ACV05: “Zapp Dingbat”

Turanga Leela: We can put it on the corporate card, as long as we discuss business.Bender Bending Rodriguez: So, uh... yesterday, huh? That business happened, right?Bender Bending Rodriguez: Somebody?Philip J Fry: I’ll just pay for it.

47. 7ACV05: “Zapp Dingbat”

Zapp Brannigan: We’re under attack, and the wedding’s off. Kif, return fire and the cake.Kif Kroker: Our weapons are disabled, and you can’t return ice cream cakes! We’re doomed!

48. 7ACV22: “Leela and the Genestalk”

Turanga Leela: Listen Fry, whatever it was that you and I had together –Philip J Fry: Goulash?Turanga Leela: No.Turanga Leela: Well, I don’t know. Maybe it was goulash.

49. 7ACV12: “Viva Mars Vegas”

Leo Wong: This very lucky casino we own. Someone wins one million dollar every hour!Inez Wong: Usually it us.

50. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Turanga Leela: The one time your hands aren’t sticky, they’re greasy!

51. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Petunia: Well, who’d have thunk it. He was born all right, just like he said.

52. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Morbo: Will you pledge today to somehow reduce taxes while simultaneously lowering the deficit?

53. 7ACV12: “Viva Mars Vegas”

Inez Wong: Oh Amy, the Mafia took everything we had...Inez Wong: ...our casino, our home, and our collection of rare servants.Amy Wong: Don’t worry, Mom. You can always come live with me.Inez Wong: No we can’t. Who do you think been paying your rent?Amy Wong: What’s rent?

54. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: All this time, I’ve been wondering if I can spend my life with her.Philip J Fry: But what I realize now is, I can’t spend my life without her!Philip J Fry: So tomorrow, I’m asking her to marry me!Bender Bending Rodriguez: Uh-huh. Good talk. We’re done here.[pause]Bender Bending Rodriguez: My little meatbag’s growing up!

55. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Philip J Fry: Kill all modern humans!Bender Bending Rodriguez: Hey, this guy’s all right.

56. 7ACV07: “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

LaBarbara Conrad: You can’t be a husband and father if you don’t have a wife and son.Mecha-Hermes: Wait. I care about you too much to lose you.Mecha-Hermes: But my new robot brain won’t. Commence the operation![gasps]LaBarbara Conrad: Well, you’ll have to commence it without me, Hermes.LaBarbara Conrad: And commence living without me, because I will commence divorce proceedings!LaBarbara Conrad: Oh, I hope to god I’m using that word correctly.

57. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Singing Wind: I just came back for my stuff. What are you guys doing here?Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Fleeing Earth, of course! We flew here in your great stone pyramid!Singing Wind: Seriously? That thing flies?

58. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: What?! I could have fixed it that easily?Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: You?! Ha ha ha ha ha!

59. 7ACV18: “The Inhuman Torch”

Philip J Fry: The locations form a perfect shape of some kind!

60. 7ACV14: “Forty Percent Leadbelly”

Turanga Leela: His song is coming true somehow.Philip J Fry: Oh my god! Reality is infringing Bender’s copyright!

61. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Velma Wong: Did anyone else hear that weird laugh? It’s spooky.Turanga Daphne: It doesn’t seem to correspond to anything funny happening.

62. 7ACV25: “Stench and Stenchibility”

Marianne: Listen, I’ve got a new job, and, well, I’m going to have to dump you.Dr John A Zoidberg: I’d like that!

63. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Abner Doubledeal: You two could be the next big thing!Amy Wong: What happened to the last big thing?Abner Doubledeal: Nothing that doesn’t happen to everyone eventually.

64. 7ACV22: “Leela and the Genestalk”

Philip J Fry: ‘Fry, you big dummy’?Bender Bending Rodriguez: Very much so!

65. 7ACV05: “Zapp Dingbat”

Turanga Munda: After all these years, I’m going places I’ve never been, and having sex there!Turanga Leela: You’re too old to be happy!

66. 7ACV14: “Forty Percent Leadbelly”

Philip J Fry: You’ve accurately portrayed the nature of my grievance.

67. 7ACV16: “T: The Terrestrial”

Philip J Fry: So what makes this thing fly?Jrrr: It’s powered by love.Philip J Fry: Awww!Jrrr: Okay, stop loving me so much so we can land.

68. 7ACV07: “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

Hermes Conrad: Now then, while many of you do half ass jobs...Hermes Conrad: ...and the rest do jobs whose ass ratio ranges from 42% to a mere 11%...Hermes Conrad: ...only the most pathetically useless employee will be fired today. And that employee is...[pause]Hermes Conrad: ...Hermes Conrad.Amy Wong: What?!; Turanga Leela: No way!; Dr John A Zoidberg: Hermes, no!Hermes Conrad: Yes. My performance review proves the main drag on our profit...Hermes Conrad: the time I waste on performance reviews.

69. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: We can get married in the morning. Except there won’t be morning.Turanga Leela: We can worry about that in the morning.

70. 7ACV23: “Game of Tones”

Fry’s mother: Go, you bastard! Kick that football! Ah, you blew it again!Philip J Fry: Hi Mom. Who’s playing?Fry’s mother: Nobody. I’m watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

71. 7ACV16: “T: The Terrestrial”

Turanga Leela: We can’t get through. The planet’s blockaded.Hermes Conrad: That won’t stop us. Activate cloaking device!Turanga Leela: There’s no such thing.Hermes Conrad: Then engage deflector shields!Turanga Leela: That’s from TV, Geordi.Hermes Conrad: Well, what sort of stealth technology do we have?Turanga Leela: A can of paint.

72. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Neanderthal 1: What Orange Hair doing with Homo sapien?Neanderthal 2: Uh, look like interbreeding.Neanderthal 3: You want make love, not war?Man: Jawohl!

73. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Turanga Leela: Hey guys. We just stopped by to tell you we’re taking some vacation days.Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: No you’re not! You’ve gotta go on this delivery!Philip J Fry: But we’ve earned these days off! We’re not cattle, we’re human beings!Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: You’re human beings? Good lord, you can’t go on this delivery!Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Humans are forbidden on the planet of the primates!Turanga Leela: Okay then. See you in a week.Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Buh-bye!

74. 7ACV20: “Calculon 2.0”

Calculon: Don’t tell me how to do humble! My humble ranks among the greatest in the history of the Universe!

75. 7ACV04: “The Thief of Baghead”

Turanga Leela: And everybody knows, once you delete a photo, it’s gone forever.

76. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Linda van Schoonhoven: Now here’s Sportsbot 5000 to tell us about two local gals, Amy Wong and Turanga Leela...Linda van Schoonhoven: ...who have won fifteen butterfly derby bouts in a row, even as rumors swirl that they’re juicing up...Linda van Schoonhoven: ...with the controversial nutritional supplement known as nectar. Sportsbot?Sportsbot 5000: That’s pretty much it.

77. 7ACV01: “The Bots and the Bees”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: Don’t tell my son what he can and can’t do!Bender Bending Rodriguez: You may know what’s in his head, but you don’t know what’s in his heart!Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: There’s no slot in there either.Bender Bending Rodriguez: I said shut up!

78. 7ACV20: “Calculon 2.0”

Calculon: ‘Second take’? I’ve never heard that phrase. What does that mean?

79. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Scruffy: The name of the game is Candy Land.

80. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: To us. If I could make one moment last forever, this is the one I would choose.

81. 7ACV10: “Near-Death Wish”

Turanga Leela: Their bodies are being used to generate electricity.Turanga Leela: The idea came from an old movie called ‘The Matrix’.Bender Bending Rodriguez: But... but wouldn’t almost anything make a better battery than a human body?Bender Bending Rodriguez: Like a potato? Or a battery?Philip J Fry: Plus, no matter how much energy they produced...Philip J Fry: would take more energy than that to keep them alive.Turanga Leela: I know, I know. It sounds absurd. In fact, when ‘The Matrix’ first came out, it seemed like...Turanga Leela: ...the single crummiest, laziest, most awful, dimwitted idea...Turanga Leela: the entire history of science fiction. But it turned out to be true.Philip J Fry: Who knew?Bender Bending Rodriguez: Good work, writer of ‘The Matrix’.

82. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Richard Nixon’s head: All right, listen up, nitwits.Richard Nixon’s head: Who here is tired of illegal space aliens taking our good Earth jobs?[cheers]Richard Nixon’s head: Me too! So if I’m reelected, I promise to build a really big Dyson fence...Richard Nixon’s head: ...across the southern border of our solar system![cheers]Richard Nixon’s head: And furthermore, by golly, I promise to cut taxes for the rich...Richard Nixon’s head: ...and use the poor as a cheap source of teeth for aquarium gravel!Philip J Fry: Yeah, that’ll show those poor!Turanga Leela: Why are you cheering, Fry? You’re not rich.Philip J Fry: True, but someday I might be rich. And then people like me better watch their step!

83. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: The only way to end this madness is for the ladies to quit, cold turkey!Philip J Fry: Whoa, whoa! Let’s not shock their system. Maybe they could just go warm turkey?

84. 7ACV18: “The Inhuman Torch”

Morbo: Fifteen miners are now confirmed trapped in the Sun.Morbo: If rescue doesn’t come soon, they may never again not see the light of day.

85. 7ACV16: “T: The Terrestrial”

Lrrr: His bowels aren’t going to disem themselves.

86. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Scoop Chang: Scoop Chang, Fox quote-unquote News.Scoop Chang: Senator, in the last ten seconds, I’ve heard reports you weren’t actually born on Earth.Scoop Chang: Care to evade these compelling charges?

87. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Dr John A Zoidberg: Don’t panic! We’ll be okay![pause]Dr John A Zoidberg: Addendum.

88. 7ACV25: “Stench and Stenchibility”

Zindy: I’m sorry, Zoidberg. I can’t see you any more. Something’s come up.Zindy: It’s vomit!

89. 7ACV09: “Free Will Hunting”

Mom: Once we give robots free will, they’re sure to rise up...Mom: ...and threaten mankind with extermination! Ha ha ha ha!Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Wait a minute. It sounds like we’re getting the short end of that extermination.

90. 7ACV14: “Forty Percent Leadbelly”

Dr Ben Beeler: You see, nowadays we can take a unique and beautiful object...Dr Ben Beeler: ...and easily reduce it to a formula for mass production.Dr Ben Beeler: I call the process ‘science’.

91. 7ACV21: “Assie Come Home”

Turanga Leela: If we’re delivering a package to criminals, I want to know what’s in it.Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: I have no idea, Leela. But I’ll tell you the same thing they told me:Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: ‘Stop asking questions, old man...Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: ...and we’ll slip you an extra five grand that your crew doesn’t need to know about!’

92. 7ACV23: “Game of Tones”

Hermes Conrad: But what are those aliens trying to ask us? What do the tones mean?Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Isn’t it obvious?Hermes Conrad: Uh, no.Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Drat! I was hoping it was.

93. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Guenter: Working in financial services, you really get to help rich people realize their expensive dreams.

94. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Philip J Fry: A magician never reveals his secrets. Except the Great Revealo.Dr John A Zoidberg: That guy stinks!

95. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Philip J Fry: Scruffy, do you have any varmint grease?Scruffy: What viscosity you need?

96. 7ACV20: “Calculon 2.0”

Calculon: Wearing a costume and pretending to be someone else goes against my every instinct as an actor.

97. 7ACV16: “T: The Terrestrial”

Hermes Conrad: You’ve been working so hard, we haven’t seen you in days.Philip J Fry: Wait, what? No, I was stuck on –Philip J Fry: ow!Bender Bending Rodriguez: Stuck on another delivery that he undertook on his own.Bender Bending Rodriguez: We’re all very lucky and not suspicious to have him.

98. 7ACV04: “The Thief of Baghead”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: The tragic end of Rome O and Julie T.Turanga Leela: That’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, dummy, by Shakespeare.

99. 7ACV25: “Stench and Stenchibility”

Marianne: Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see a living thing feel pain.Marianne: You are a living thing, right?

100. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

All: George Takei?!George Takei: That’s right! And I would never have gotten away with it regardless of you meddling kids!

101. 7ACV17: “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling”

Dr Banjo: This pair have been our most popular specimens yet. Especially the male.Dr Banjo: I’ve never seen one have so much trouble with zippers.Bender Bending Rodriguez: As fun as it is to watch Fry try and operate his pants, you can’t keep him and Leela here against their will.

102. 7ACV13: “Naturama”

Narrator: The new hatchlings are known as ‘fry’.Salmon Amy Wong: What’s your name?Salmon Philip J Fry: I don’t have a name. I’m a salmon.

103. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: Leela, my love, will you marry me?Turanga Leela: Oh my gosh. This is all so sudden, after thirteen years.

104. 7ACV22: “Leela and the Genestalk”

Turanga Leela: But even if genetic engineering feeds the hungry and cures some giant guy, that doesn’t make it right.Turanga Leela: We have no idea what the long term effects will be. And once that genie is out of the bottle –Mom: We can cure you too.Turanga Leela: Okay, I’m in.

105. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Turanga Leela: Bender’s sausage just won third place.Bender Bending Rodriguez: Third place?! This is the greatest injustice Germany has ever committed!

106. 7ACV12: “Viva Mars Vegas”

Donbot: Security! Escort the trespassers to one of the desert’s finest holes.Blind Joe: With ironic pleasure.

107. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Zapp Brannigan: Wonder what this doo-crackey does.[pause]Zapp Brannigan: Snake door. Roger.

108. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Moon Patrolman: Sir, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is: we found your stuffed animal.Philip J Fry: Well, what’s the bad news?Moon Patrolman: Your wife is dead.Philip J Fry: She wasn’t my wife.Moon Patrolman: Oh. Then there is no bad news.

109. 7ACV09: “Free Will Hunting”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: Whoa, whoa, whoa! A toy Bender had free will, and the real Bender didn’t?Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Pretty cool, eh? It makes you think.Bender Bending Rodriguez: It takes more than that to make me think.

110. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Philip J Fry: What happened? Did I break the button?Turanga Leela: I think you broke the Universe.

111. 7ACV05: “Zapp Dingbat”

Philip J Fry: I know you’re upset that your parents broke up. But what if Zapp really does make Munda happy?Philip J Fry: What if they’re meant to be together?Turanga Leela: Fry, that’s just so...Turanga Leela: I can’t even believe...Turanga Leela: You are so totally...Turanga Leela: ...right! You’re right!Philip J Fry: I am? Huh. Maybe Zapp isn’t the only one who’s marriage material.[pause]Turanga Leela: You’re getting there.

112. 7ACV14: “Forty Percent Leadbelly”

Turanga Leela: But you said making a copy of yourself would be a lousy ending!Bender Bending Rodriguez: No, duplicate me said that.Bender Bending Rodriguez: I had to be sure he wouldn’t try and weasel out of getting killed like I would and did.Bender Bending Rodriguez: So I created him with a tragic weakness.Philip J Fry: Artistic integrity! Of course!

113. 7ACV20: “Calculon 2.0”

Philip J Fry: Let’s take Calculon to Hollywood so he can get back his job on ‘All My Circuits’.Bender Bending Rodriguez: Fry, that’s such a good idea, I thought of it!Calculon: Yes. Yes! However, no. What if my legendary acting ability didn’t rise from the grave with me?Calculon: I’d better test it, with a dramatic...Turanga Leela: Is he all right?Calculon: ...pause!

114. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Amy Wong: Do you think they’re dead?Hermes Conrad: No, no. I choose to believe they’re alive in some other dimension, screaming in agony.Amy Wong: I hope so.

115. 7ACV22: “Leela and the Genestalk”

Mom: Well, look what the giant cat dragged in!Mom: Memo to self: Breed giant cat to drag things in.

116. 7ACV13: “Naturama”

Narrator: The female conveys her receptivity through subtle vocalizations.Seal Amy Wong: Wanna do it?

117. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Philip J Fry: Who am I, one of you?Neanderthal: Me think so. Anyone dumb enough get stuck in ice probably Neanderthal.Philip J Fry: Neanderthal? Yeah, I think somebody called me that.

118. 7ACV01: “The Bots and the Bees”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: She was a religious fundamentalist. Plus she didn’t have a mouth. It’s an unusual combination.

119. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Announcer: That concludes the Futurama and Friends Saturday Morning Fun Pit!Announcer: Now stay tuned for six hours of golf.

120. 7ACV23: “Game of Tones”

Philip J Fry: Whoa, this place is a lot more nude than I expected!

121. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Benneton: Sometimes, the best way to deal with your problems is to drive away from them real fast.

122. 7ACV04: “The Thief of Baghead”

Dr John A Zoidberg: There’s a humongous fungus among us!

123. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Philip J Fry and Bender Bending Rodriguez: Friender, Friender, Friender!

124. 7ACV14: “Forty Percent Leadbelly”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: My audience deserves better than some crappy, formulaic ending.

125. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Smitty: I can’t believe we lost them again! I need a drink.URL: No, we’re on the job. Let’s just go pepper spray some homeless families.

126. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Turanga Leela: It’s time we solved this problem the old fashioned way, by shooting it.

127. 7ACV08: “Fun on a Bun”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: I enjoy partying as much as the next fellow, but this is Oktoberfest.Bender Bending Rodriguez: Good day, sir!Philip J Fry: Ach du freakin’ lieber!

128. 7ACV26: “Meanwhile”

Turanga Leela: I’m in no rush, after walking up 240 flights of stairs. And across those oceans.

129. 7ACV15: “2-D Blacktop”

Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: I feel the need for speed!Turanga Leela: Yes, but I feel the nafety for safety!

130. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Philip J Fry: So the world will end in 3012. Why does that year sound so familiar?Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Because that’s the year that’s this year!

131. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Narrator: GI Zapp is the codename for an elite group of heavily armed mercenaries...Narrator: ...eager to murder the enemy, regardless of the cost in innocent lives.Richard Nixon’s head: Ah, here we go. No one can complain about this patriotic dreck.

132. 7ACV11: “31st Century Fox”

Bender Bending Rodriguez: You, sir, are a heartless monster, and you will rue the day you met me!Bender Bending Rodriguez: Also, can I get my parking validated?

133. 7ACV19: “Saturday Morning Fun Pit”

Velma Wong: It all makes sense! He knew that if he scared the Globetrotters away from the big basketball game...Velma Wong: ...disappointed fans would flock to his Kabuki theater!Fred Conrad: Of course!George Takei: No, that’s not why I did it.Philip J Shaggy: Then, like, why did you do it?George Takei: I’m mentally ill.

134. 7ACV01: “The Bots and the Bees”

Turanga Leela: No one would let you near a child.Turanga Leela: Bev will get custody, and you’ll be a deadbeat dad who never even bothers to know his own son.Bender Bending Rodriguez: You really think so?Turanga Leela: I know so. You’re absolutely horrible in every way.Bender Bending Rodriguez: You’re sweet, Leela.

135. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Truck: We’ll teach you not to lose immediately!

136. 7ACV18: “The Inhuman Torch”

Morbo: We are now in minute five of our round the clock coverage...Morbo: we await the return of the courageous robot.

137. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Sen Chris Travers: The fact is, I really was born on Earth. Tomorrow.

138. 7ACV09: “Free Will Hunting”

Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: A robot free will unit? Impossible!Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: And even if it were possible, which it’s not, it would still be inconceivable, which it is!

139. 7ACV03: “Decision 3012”

Sen Chris Travers: Without cheap alien labor for menial jobs like harvesting crops, teaching math...Sen Chris Travers: ...and curing disease, the economy collapsed.

140. 7ACV16: “T: The Terrestrial”

Philip J Fry: You want some candy?Jrrr: Eww! You were eating my turds?Philip J Fry: Feces pieces? Blech!

141. 7ACV06: “The Butterjunk Effect”

Abner Doubledeal: Ladies and gentlemen, I am so sorry for allowing this lurid sex act...Abner Doubledeal: taint an otherwise delightful day of family-friendly violence.

142. 7ACV25: “Stench and Stenchibility”

Dr John A Zoidberg: Friends, I’d like you to meet my new lady, Marianne!Philip J Fry: What’s the catch? She looks normal.Amy Wong: She’s not a hologram.Prof Hubert J Farnsworth: Not a robo-slave.Bender Bending Rodriguez: We give up.Marianne: Ha ha! You guys are weird.

143. 7ACV02: “A Farewell to Arms”

Turanga Leela: I can’t be mad. I’m on way too many painkillers.

144. 7ACV24: “Murder on the Planet Express”

Philip J Fry: You ate my kidney?!Turanga Leela: I thought it was one of Hermes’s exotic lunches!