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The exciting conclusion to Frozen 2: Coming to Weselton

We are pleased to present two more scenes from Frozen 2: Coming to Weselton. Presented here are the entire climactic scene, followed by the film’s closing scene.

[INT: The palace great hall. Anna, wearing a tattered gown and showing signs of exhaustion, backs into the wall, carrying a sword. The tiara still rests on her head. Elsa, barefoot and still wearing her white prisoner’s jumpsuit, carries a sword of ice. Anna parries away an attack from Elsa; the contact shatters Elsa’s sword. Elsa forms another sword and attacks again, with the same result. Elsa reaches out her other hand. Anna’s sword is encrusted with ice. Elsa swings at it furiously with a new ice sword.]

Elsa: [enraged] Rrraaagh!

[Both swords shatter. Anna drops the useless hilt. She begins to escape along the wall, but runs into a block of ice. She turns the other way, and another block of ice appears, pinning her down. Panting laboriously, Anna looks in desperation at Elsa. Elsa approaches menacingly, ice and snow swirling around her hands. Track in on Anna.]

Anna: [defiant] Go on! Do it!

[Track in further until Elsa is no longer visible. Anna flattens herself against the wall, eyes closed, teeth gritted.]

Melina [OS]: [desperately shrieking] No! Stop!

[Pause. Melina suddenly shoves Elsa across screen, appearing on one side and disappearing off the other in just a few frames. Anna’s eye opens momentarily, then closes again as there is a bright flash. Fade to white. Dissolve to:]

[INT: The palace great hall. Ice covers the walls and blocks the doorways and windows. Nothing, save for a faint glow, is visible through the doorways and windows. Anna is still pressed against the wall, but the ice blocks pinning her are gone. Elsa is lying on the floor, struggling against Melina, who kneels on top of her and holds her arms down. With tears streaming down her face, Melina can barely keep her eyes open.]

Melina: [shouting at Elsa] What do you think you’re doing?! Have you completely lost it? That’s your sister, you... you... maniac!

[Melina breaks down, sobbing. Anna slides down the wall until she is seated on the floor. Still breathing heavily, she stares at Elsa and Melina.]

Anna: [to herself] This is my fault. This is all my fault. [tears forming] Two months in solitary? Bound up like that? No wonder you hate me. I’ve... [choking back sobs] I’ve made you into a monster.

[Elsa stops struggling. She looks up at Melina, then at Anna.]

Anna: I never should have tried to take over.

Elsa: [shakes head; to Anna] No. No. That’s not true. I... I wasn’t there for you.

[Elsa reaches up and pulls Melina close to her. Melina embraces her in return, still crying.]

Melina: You remember when I said I didn’t know who the real you was?

Elsa: Yes, I remember. Of course I do.

Melina: Well, it’s not this.

Elsa: You’re right. You’re right. It’s not.

[Elsa and Melina sit up. Elsa’s eyes meet Anna’s.]

Elsa: [to Melina] Give us a minute?

[Elsa stands. Anna, watching her, does the same. They meet at the centre of the room and, wordlessly, they embrace tightly.]

Anna: [whispering hoarsely] We went too far. We both did.

Elsa: [nods slightly] Mm-hmm.

Anna: You just wanted to put a scare in me.

Elsa: Yeah.

Anna: You were right. You and Kristoff were right all along. I’ve been foolish... stuck up... self centred... childish.... I’m sorry. No... no wonder you hate me.

Elsa: [shaking her head] I don’t. I could never hate you. Never, Anna.

Anna: I’m sorry.

Elsa: No, I’m sorry.

Anna: I forgive you.

Elsa: I forgive you.

[They hold onto the embrace for a time.]

Melina: Um... where are we?

[Anna and Elsa let go of one another and look around.]

Elsa: We’re still in the same place. But...

Anna: That is a lot of ice.

Melina: [to Elsa] You created all this?

Elsa: Yeah. See, I have these... these powers.

Melina: I know.

Elsa: You do?

Melina: Kristoff and Olaf told me.

Anna: Kristoff?

Elsa: He’s here?

Anna: He was outside the palace, in that crowd. He tried to talk to me. [regretful] I didn’t listen.

Elsa: [staring at a doorway] Stand back.

[Anna and Melina stand behind Elsa. Elsa holds her arms out toward the ice blocking the doorway. Nothing happens. She closes her eyes in concentration and pushes her arms, trembling, toward the ice. Nothing continues to happen.]

Elsa: [forceful exertion] Hyrrraaaagh!

[Elsa drops her arms and stares at the ice, breathing heavily.]

Anna: You can’t move it?

Elsa: [confused] No.

[Elsa holds up her hands.]

Elsa: My powers aren’t working.

[Anna walks up to the ice sheet and places her hands on it.]

Anna: It’s not melting.

Elsa: What do you mean?

[Anna turns toward Elsa and holds out her palm. Elsa feels it.]

Anna: It should melt against my hand. At least a little bit. You know, with my body heat.

[The three of them each place their hands against an ice sheet. Anna pounds her fists against the ice.]

Anna: [shouting into the ice] Hello! Anyone? We’re stuck in here!

Elsa: [shouting into the ice] Help! We’re trapped! Can anyone hear us? Get us out!

[Melina backs up, takes a running start, and tries to shoulder check the ice. The ice is unscathed. She falls away in pain.]

Melina: Owwww!

[Melina kicks at the ice, again without effect. She hops away on the other foot.]

Melina: Aaaaagh!

Elsa: Careful!

[Elsa catches Melina.]

Elsa: You okay?

Melina: Yeah.

[Back on her feet, Melina returns to the wall and begins to pound on the ice. On the other side of the hall, Anna does likewise. Elsa sits in the centre and stares at her hands. In a few beats, Anna stops and turns to Elsa.]

Anna: Still nothing?

[Elsa shakes her head.]

Melina: It’s ice. It can’t last forever.

Elsa: [to herself] Wanna bet?

[Elsa looks up at Anna.]

Elsa: Anna?

Anna: Yeah?

Elsa: Did you really think that I abandoned the kingdom?

Anna: Well, yeah. Didn’t you?

Elsa: Are you crazy? I left it in the most capable hands there are.

Anna: [taken aback] You left it in my hands.

Elsa: Exactly.

[Anna, befuddled, walks slowly toward Elsa and sits next to her.]

Elsa: [nods toward Melina; to Anna] It’s a good thing she showed up when she did.

Anna: Yeah. [to Melina] You... you saved my life, Melina.

Elsa: Mine too.

Melina: [to Elsa] What? How did I save yours?

[Melina approaches and sits on Elsa’s other side.]

Elsa: [to Anna] Anna, if I... if I had done that to you again... I could never have... I could never have lived with myself.

Anna: [tearfully] Don’t say that. Don’t say that.

Elsa: It’s true. I’m horrible. I’m... I am a monster. You were right to lock me up.

[Anna wraps her arms around Elsa and pulls her into a hug. Elsa rests her head under Anna’s chin.]

Anna: No, I wasn’t. You’re no monster. It’s only because I locked you away for so long.

Elsa: I hope these powers never come back.

[Anna looks down at Elsa in alarm.]

Elsa: I’ve got to stop using them. They’ve brought nothing but pain and suffering.

Anna: That’s not true.

Elsa: Of course it is. You know that. Of all people, you know that.

Melina: Wait. What about the ice cream? That was you, wasn’t it? Not Olaf?

Elsa: Well...

Anna: Ice cream? What?

Melina: [to Anna] That’s how we met. She kept the ice cream cold, but she made us think it was Olaf. That’s why Gertie hired them.

Anna: See? Without those powers, you’d never have met her. Elsa... you have a gift. You can use it to make things better. I know you can.

[Anna kisses Elsa’s forehead. After a few beats, they let go, and Elsa sits up straight. Anna removes the tiara and hands it to Elsa.]

Anna: Well, I guess this belongs to you.

Elsa: You know I hate wearing that thing.

Anna: Why? You look great in it.

Elsa: [looking down at the tiara] Memories. Associations.

Anna: [slowly nods] Yeah. I see what you mean.

[Elsa puts the tiara down. Anna looks up at Melina.]

Anna: [to Melina] Listen. I’m... I’m sorry we got started on the wrong foot.

Melina: [shakes head] No, no, no. It was my fault. I was angry, and hurt, and confused. And I took it all out on you. [to Elsa] And on you. I’m really sorry. You see, I –

[Elsa puts an arm over Melina’s shoulders.]

Elsa: Hey, listen. Forget about it. You’re back. I’m so pleased to see you.

Anna: Yeah. Let’s all forget about it. [extends her hand] Hello, Melina. I’m Anna.

Melina: [hesitantly takes Anna’s hand] Um... it’s nice to meet you, Your Highness.

Anna: Call me Anna. Please.

Melina: Okay... Anna. [smiles cautiously]

Anna: [to Elsa] So... tell me about her.

Elsa: Hm?

Anna: What’s she like?

Elsa: She’s right here, you know. You could just ask her yourself.

Anna: I want to hear it from you. She must be pretty special.

Elsa: [broad smile] Oh, she is. She’s...

[Elsa turns to Melina.]

Elsa: She’s energetic. All the time. Especially out on the ice. She’s a little firecracker out there. She’s energetic, and she’s spontaneous, and she’s optimistic, and she’s opinionated, and she’s passionate. And she doesn’t get hung up on looks, or anything like that. See that tuft of hair there?

[Elsa points to Melina’s head.]

Elsa: It always sticks out like that, no matter what she does. And after a game of hockey, she’ll take off that leather helmet, and it will all stick out. She’ll look like... [turns to Anna] you know that one bird that we see in the woods all the time? With the crest?

[Elsa gestures with her hand, extending it above her head.]

Anna: The crested tit?

[Melina looks down at her chest in confusion.]

Elsa: Yeah. That’s what she looks like. And it doesn’t bother her at all. She’ll just shrug it off. And she’s not afraid to make a fool of herself. [laughs tearfully] Seriously. You should have seen some of the crazy things she tried to get Leroy to like me. Every scheme crazier than the last. But she thought every one was going to work. She’d say, “This time, Elsa! Leroy’s gonna be yours this time!”

Anna: Leroy?

Elsa: She thought I liked Leroy. I thought I liked Leroy. But it was her. [to Melina] It was you all along, Melina. I loved you. I love you.

Melina: I love you, Elsa.

Elsa: But I know that no matter what I do, you’re never going to feel the same way about me.

[Melina gives Elsa a puzzled look, then turns to Anna, who is also perplexed. Elsa turns away and shrugs her shoulders helplessly.]

Elsa: So... you know... how can we...?

Anna: Umm... Elsa?

Elsa: What?

Anna: Did you hear what she said?

Elsa: What was it?

[Melina takes Elsa’s hands. Elsa looks up at her.]

Melina: Elsa... I love you.

Elsa: What?! [stammering] Wh... wh... what do you mean?

Melina: [shakes head in confusion] I mean... I love you. [points to herself] I... [makes heart shape with hands] love... [points to Elsa] you. It’s... it’s not a difficult concept.

Elsa: But... but I thought...

[Melina leans close and places a finger on Elsa’s lips.]

Melina: Shh. Don’t think anything. [pause] You know, when Olaf told me what you could do, I wanted to see it.

[Melina looks around the hall.]

Melina: [mirthless laugh] This wasn’t what I had in mind.

[Elsa looks away in shame, with tears forming.]

Melina: Listen. I... I’m... oh Elsa, I can’t lie. I am afraid of what your powers can do.

[Melina places her hands on Elsa’s shoulders. Elsa still doesn’t look up.]

Melina: But I know this wasn’t you. This is all just... your loneliness. And when we’re alone, we... we act different. Elsa... I don’t want to be alone any more. Do you?

Elsa: [shaking her head; choking back tears] No.

Melina: Do you want to be with me?

[Elsa finally meets Melina’s eyes.]

Elsa: Yes. Yes. More than anything.

Melina: Then... then kiss me.

[Elsa stares for a beat. Then she draws closer, slowly, and kisses Melina. Anna, pleased, stands and walks back to the wall.]

Elsa: [overcome] You... you really love me?

Melina: Of course I do. Of course I do. And I –

Anna: [placing her hand on the wall] That should have done it.

Elsa: [to Anna] Done what?

[Elsa stands and walks to the wall. Melina, holding Elsa’s hand, follows.]

Anna: That’s two acts of true love. At least two.

Elsa: You think that should have... [points at walls] freed us?

Anna: Of course. That’s how your powers work.

Melina: Look, we just have to keep trying. There’s got to be a way out.

Elsa: How can there be a way out? Look at all this.

[Elsa waves her hands at the walls.]

Elsa: It’s like we’re... I don’t know... separated. Sealed off from the rest of the world. Nobody can hear us in here. I mean, look!

[Elsa steps up to one of the doorways blocked with ice.]

Elsa: We can’t even see the rest of the palace! I’ve never been able to do anything like this!

Anna: No, no. Melina’s right. There’s a way out. And when we find it... I’m not staying in here any more. I’m not hiding inside the palace. Those days are over. I’m getting out into town again. I’m going to see the whole country.

Melina: Yeah. And Elsa and I are...

[Elsa sits against the wall.]

Melina: What?

[Elsa shakes her head, tearing up again. Melina sits next to her.]

Melina: Elsa. What is it? Tell me.

Elsa: [staring into space; despondent] You and I can’t do anything.

Melina: [crestfallen] What? What are you talking about? Of course we can. Elsa... we can do anything we want.

Elsa: We can’t.

Melina: [gasps] You’re not... you’re not already married, are you?

Elsa: No. Of course not. That’s not it.

Melina: Then what? Whatever it is, we’ll find a way. There’s always a way.

[Elsa turns toward Melina. Melina takes Elsa’s hand.]

Melina: [nods encouragingly] There’s always a way.

Elsa: [whispering] You’re right. [determined] There is a way.

[Elsa stands.]

Elsa: [shouting] I abdicate the throne of Arendelle!

[Anna whirls around, shocked.]

Anna: What did you say?!

Elsa: [screaming] I hereby abdicate the throne of Arendelle!

[Melina stands.]

Melina: Are you crazy?!

[Melina and Anna try to put their hands on Elsa’s shoulders, but Elsa brushes them off. She stands in the centre of the room and kicks the tiara, which clatters into the ice. As she continues screaming, the ice around the room begins to crack; none of them notice.]

Elsa: [at the top of her lungs] I hereby renounce all claim to the throne of the kingdom of Arendelle! I am now but a common peasant! My sister Anna is now queen of Arendelle!

Anna: Elsa, you can’t do that!

Melina: Yeah, what are you thinking?!

Elsa: [turns to Melina] I’m thinking about you! Always you, Melina! What else?

[Pieces of ice fall to the floor. Anna, finally realising, tries to push Elsa and Melina out of the way, but several large pieces fall on the three of them. Fade to white. Dissolve to:]

[INT: The palace great hall, morning. The walls and doorways are no longer covered, but broken pieces of ice cover the floor. Anna, Elsa, and Melina are lying on the floor. Anna sits up. Enter, rushing, Kristoff, wearing a palace guard’s uniform and with a beard on his face. It, and his hair, include streaks of grey.]

Anna: Kristoff!

Kristoff: Anna!

[Kristoff helps Anna to her feet. She kisses him.]

Anna: [breathlessly] Kristoff, I’m sorry! [kiss] I’ve been awful! I’ve treated you like you’re worthless! [kiss] But you’re not! You’re the only one who saw that I was betraying myself! [kiss] Except for Elsa! And you’re the most important person in the world to me! [kiss] Again, except for Elsa! But Elsa’s pretty freaking important to me, so I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of! [kiss]

Kristoff: Anna! I can’t believe it! You... you haven’t aged a day!

Anna: [kiss] In ten minutes? I would hope not. [kiss] I like what you’re doing with your beard now. I think I like it better than what you did with it before. [puzzled] Which is have it not exist.

[Anna looks around her and realises that it is now morning. Elsa and Melina help one another to their feet.]

Anna: Um... what’s going on? [peers at Kristoff] And... what happened to you?

Melina: [blinking] Is it morning? How long have we been out?

[Elsa, eyes closed, rubs her head.]

Kristoff: Twenty four years.

Melina: Twenty four hours? I thought it was morning. You mean it’s sunset now?

Kristoff: No. Twenty four years.

[Anna, Elsa, and Melina stop what they are doing and stare at Kristoff.]

Anna: How long?

Kristoff: Anna... you’ve been trapped in there for twenty four years. You, and Elsa, and Melina. And... you all look exactly the same. Like nothing happened.

Elsa: How can... how can it be that long?

Kristoff: [to Elsa] Your Majesty, this hall was frozen twenty four years ago. Well, closer to twenty four and a half.

Anna: Kristoff... [shakes head] what are you talking about?

Kristoff: [sighs] Okay. It all started that night when I took all those people to the palace gates.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Palace gates. A sizeable crowd, Young Kristoff at the front, is watching the palace. Some gasp in horror, others turn away, and still others can only stare fixedly. Young Kristoff’s panic and helplessness are mounting. Elsa and Anna are visible intermittently in some of the windows.]

Kristoff [VO]: We could tell you two were fighting. Elsa, I’d hoped that when we freed you, you would make your peace with Anna. But I guess two months in solitary was a lot on you.

Anna [VO]: [shameful] I’m sorry.

Elsa [VO]: [also shameful] I’m sorry, Anna.

[Young Kristoff shakes the gates in desperation.]

Kristoff [VO]: I wanted to get in there so badly. I knew you needed my help. Finally Inga came out.

[Enter Inga. Young Kristoff calls out to her. Inga opens the gates just enough to let him through.]

Kristoff [VO]: She let me in. She knew I would want to see you, and that I might be able to help.

[Dissolve to: INT: Outside the great hall. An ice sheet blocks the entrance, with only a faint glow visible through it. Olaf stands before it, Sven next to him. Enter, rushing, Inga and Young Kristoff. Young Kristoff tries to peer through the ice, shouting something at it (“Anna!”, as lip reading viewers will know). He pounds on it to no avail. Exit Young Kristoff, then enter again with an ice pick. It too has no effect.]

Kristoff [VO]: Nothing we tried seemed to work. We couldn’t even chip into the ice. So we went to go see Pabbie.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Forest. Young Kristoff and Inga are talking to Pabbie, king of the trolls. Pabbie shrugs helplessly.]

Kristoff [VO]: He didn’t know what to do either. All he could suggest was to wait until the ice melted on its own.

[Dissolve to: INT: Outside the great hall. Young Kristoff, now in uniform, shakes Inga’s hand.]

Kristoff [VO]: But Anna, I vowed that I would never walk out on you again. So Inga hired me as a palace guard. My job was to keep the great hall protected. We blocked off this part of the palace. Inga opened the palace gates, but this area remained off limits to all but Inga, Olaf, and me.

[Montage of Young Kristoff trying ice picks, drills, torches, and hammers on the ice sheet. Each time, Young Kristoff is just a bit older. Each time, the ice sheet remains obstinately solid.]

Kristoff [VO]: And I never stopped trying to break through the ice. At least once a year, on the day it first happened, I’d give it another try. And I never lost my job because of it. Although it was pretty close that one time.

[Not Quite So Young Any More Kristoff fires a cannon at the sheet. The cannonball rebounds off the ice down a palace hallway. Not Quite So Young Any More Kristoff turns, astonished, and watches the cannonball, then cringes, then backs away embarrassed.]

Elsa [VO]: What does this have to do with anything?

Anna [VO]: Shh!

[Dissolve to: INT: Palace, earlier the same morning. A guard stands in a doorway, through which the ice sheet is visible. Enter Kristoff. The guard salutes him. Kristoff returns the salute and takes the guard’s place.]

Kristoff [VO]: So that’s how I spent the last twenty four years. Until this morning.

[Fractures appear on the surface of the ice. Kristoff looks around anxiously. A blinding light shines through the ice, and Kristoff turns around. He runs up to the ice, but then, shielding his eyes, he backs away in uncomprehending surprise. When the ice collapses, he sees Anna, Elsa, and Melina lying on the floor, chunks of ice all around them. He rushes toward Anna, who sits up.]

Kristoff [VO]: I was going to try a hydraulic pile driver this winter. But I guess I don’t have to now.

[Dissolve to: INT: Great hall, present day, as before.]

Kristoff: Which is good, because those things are big. I’m not sure we would have been able to get it in here. But I would have found a way. [to Anna] For you.

Elsa: We’re dreaming, right? This is a dream. Pinch me, somebody. [jumps up suddenly] Owwwww!

[Pull out to reveal that Melina’s hand has just pinched Elsa’s side. In retaliation, Elsa pinches Melina’s side. Melina leaps sideways.]

Melina: [holding side] Eeeyagh! Your hands are so cold!

[Elsa holds up her hand. It is covered in ice. She shakes off the ice and holds up her other hand. Ice forms on it.]

Anna: [thrilled] Your powers! They’re back!

[Elsa holds out her hands, and the broken ice on the floor turns to snow. She raises her hands. The snow sublimates into steam, then disperses. Anna hugs Elsa tightly.]

Melina: Whoa. That’s weird.

[Suddenly, a white blur knocks over Anna and Elsa. We see that it is Olaf, who has entered at speed and embraced the sisters.]

Olaf: It’s you! It’s really you! You’re really back!

[Anna and Elsa, now lying on the floor underneath Olaf, glance at one another. Anna, hesitantly, pats Olaf’s back.]

Anna: Yeah, we... we broke the ice.

Melina: [waves] Hey, Olaf.

[Olaf looks up at Melina, then leaps up and bowls her over.]

Melina: Aaack!

Olaf: It’s also you! It’s also really you! You’re also really back!

[Enter Torill, now a grown woman. She is carrying a metallic tube.]

Torill: What happened? Kristoff, you weren’t scheduled for an ice hit today.

Kristoff: It just... it just collapsed. They got out on their own. Somehow.

Torill: They got out?

[Torill stares at Anna and Elsa as they stagger to their feet.]

Torill: Whoa. You look... you look exactly the same. [pause] You simply must tell me your secret.

Elsa: Secret? What’s our secret?

Torill: [shrugs shoulders] I don’t know. That’s what makes it a secret. [pause] This is unbelieveable. I... I... [tears forming] I haven’t seen you two since I was... since I was a teenager.

[Elsa approaches Torill slowly, staring. Finally, a glimmer of recognition crosses her face.]

Elsa: Is that you? Torill?

[Torill extends her arms, proudly showing herself off. Elsa gives her a firm hug. Melina and Olaf stand.]

Anna: Sorry, who are you?

Elsa: It’s Torill! Remember? Magnus’s daughter? Chased Olaf around the palace grounds all the time?

Anna: Oh, right.

[Torill embraces Anna. Elsa looks Torill up and down.]

Elsa: [to Kristoff] It... it really has been twenty four years.

Kristoff: [nods; with a note of sadness] Yep.

[Torill releases Anna, who turns to Kristoff.]

Anna: Twenty four years? How did you...?

Kristoff: Cope? I don’t know. It wasn’t easy. I guess I just trusted that I would see you again. [pause] So it wasn’t that long for you?

Anna: No. Only... I don’t know... ten minutes or so.

Elsa: Wait. If it’s been so long... what happened to the kingdom? Who’s been in charge?

Torill: You have.

Elsa: What?

Torill: Well, I’ve been acting as regent on a temporary basis. But you’ve been the queen this whole time. In absentia, that is.

[Elsa and Anna glance at one another, confused.]

Elsa: I... I don’t understand. You were just... waiting for us to come back? For twenty four years?

Torill: I tried to keep the kingdom in good shape. We’ve all tried.

Olaf: You’ve done great, Torill. [to Elsa and Anna] The kingdom is so wonderfully prosperous now! We’ve never seen this level of success! Just look at this!

[Olaf snatches the tube from Torill’s hand and gives it to Anna.]

Anna: What’s this?

[Olaf points to one end.]

Olaf: Just look in there.

[Anna looks into the tube. She points it in different directions.]

Anna: What... what is this?

Elsa: Let me see.

[Anna gives the tube to Elsa. Elsa looks into it. Cut to: Elsa’s POV. A closeup of one of the paintings on the wall. Whip pan to a view of trees out the window. Whip pan to a palace hallway, where a portrait of Elsa, with her braid and wearing the tiara, hangs. Suddenly, all is white.]

Olaf [OS]: It’s a telescope!

[Cut to: INT: Great hall, as before. Olaf is peering into the other end of the telescope.]

Anna: A what?

[Elsa lowers the telescope. With her other hand, she absently fingers the back of her head.]

Olaf: You can use it to see things that are really small! Or far away! Just wait till night! It’s amazing what you can see in the heavens!

Kristoff: They built it in Fimbertonia. We’ve imported limes and passionfruits from Castilia, metalwork from Weselton. We’re shipping ice and timber all around the continent.

Torill: Inga signed your trade agreement. We’ve got agreements with a few other countries too. And we kept the gates open. [to Elsa] For you.

[Anna is downcast. Elsa puts a hand on her shoulder, and Anna looks up, appreciatively, at her.]

Elsa: So you’re the regent?

Torill: Yes.

Elsa: For twenty four years?

Torill: Good heavens, no, of course not. Inga was for most of the time. I finished school, and then came to work here. I worked my way up through the ranks, and then I took over two years ago, when Inga died.

Anna: [gasps] Inga died?

Elsa: Wait. I thought you didn’t like her.

Anna: [defensive] I liked her. I mean... we had our issues, but... I can’t believe this. [to Elsa] How many others? How many other people we knew are gone?

Melina: [whispering to herself] Gertie.

[Elsa turns and sees Melina, arms wrapped around herself. Elsa embraces her.]

Melina: Gertie must be gone by now. She’d be... she’d be almost ninety by now.

Elsa: She might still be alive.

Melina: Maybe. But she’s... and my teammates. I wouldn’t even recognise them. They probably stopped playing a long time ago. [sniffles] There’s nothing for me to go back to. Back in Weselton, I mean.

Elsa: Then stay here with me. With us.

Melina: Really?

Elsa: Yes. Of course.

Melina: I’d like that.

Elsa: Me too.

[Elsa holds Melina for a few beats more, then lets go.]

Torill: [to Melina] You must be Melina.

[Torill embraces Melina.]

Torill: I’m Torill. Olaf told me all about you. I’m so pleased to finally meet you.

Melina: Um... you too.

Anna: Wait. What about all the kids? They must be grown up by now. Getting married. Having their own kids.

[Torill releases Melina, then turns to Anna and Elsa in excitement.]

Torill: Yes! I have to introduce you to my daughter! She’s thirteen.

Elsa: Thirteen? That’s how old you are. Or... were.

Torill: Yes. Now I’ve got a thirteen year old. Imagine that. She’s a handful, but you’ll love her. [beaming] Little Ellie.

Anna: Ellie?

Torill: Elsa Anna Paulsen. We call her Ellie.

[Elsa and Anna look at one another, proud but also somewhat embarrassed.]

Torill: Everyone is going to be so pleased. Ecstatic. They’ll want to see you. We’ll have a ceremony! [claps hands; excited] Yes! We shall have a recoronation ceremony! In five days’ time, we’ll present you to the people and return you to your rightful place as queen of the land!

Kristoff: Five days? You don’t want to have it sooner?

Torill: No, no. We need enough time for everyone to gather. We need to get the word out. We’ll send out the fastest riders! The fastest ships! We’ll inform everyone! The entire kingdom! All the heads of state! Everyone will be invited! It’ll be a once in a lifetime event!

Anna: [holds up two fingers] Well, technically...

Torill: Come one, come all to the grandest festival you’ve ever seen! Rejoice in the recoronation of Queen Elsa!

[All share in Torill’s enthusiasm, save for Elsa, who has become increasingly uncomfortable.]

Elsa: Recoronation? No. No, you can’t do that.

Torill: Why? Why can’t we?

Elsa: I’m not the queen any more.

[All are shocked.]

Elsa: Crown Anna. I’ve abdicated. She’s the queen now.

[Anna backs away.]

Anna: No, no, no, no, no, no. You’re not actually going through with that, are you?

Elsa: Of course I am. I meant it. If it was... [to Melina] If it’s the only way I can be with you...

Melina: [simultaneously with all others] But it’s not! Who said it was?

Kristoff: [simultaneously with all others] What? What are you... [to Anna] What is she talking about?

Olaf: [simultaneously with all others] But... but we’ve all been waiting for you to return! We need you! I need you!

Elsa: [simultaneously with all others; to Melina] If being the queen means I have to lose you, then... then... what’s the point?

Anna: [simultaneously with all others] How can you even think about doing that? [to Kristoff] I don’t know! She just said that all of a sudden, and then all the ice broke...

[All are shouting. General commotion. Most of the shouting is directed at Elsa, with a side discussion between Kristoff and Anna. Finally, Melina, on the verge of tears, stands in the centre of the hall.]

Melina: [shouting] Quiet! Quiet! [takes deep breath; shrieking] Everyone just shut up!

[Sudden silence, save for the reverberations of Melina’s voice around the hall. All stare at her.]

Melina: [shouting at Elsa] What’s the matter with you?! Who says you have to choose? Aren’t you ever going to listen to me?

Elsa: I... I... I did listen to you! I told you I was the queen, and you said you never wanted to see me again! I thought that was pretty clear!

[Melina’s anger fades, replaced by realisation, and then shame. She buries her face in her hands.]

Melina: Ohhhh... I did say that, didn’t I?

[Melina sinks to her knees. Elsa sits next to her and puts her arms around Melina’s shoulders.]

Elsa: You mean you... you didn’t mean it?

Melina: Of course I didn’t mean it. [looks up at Elsa; brushes hair aside] A lot has happened since then. I’ve been trying to tell you.

Elsa: What do you mean? What’s happened? How did you even get here, anyway?

Melina: Well... look. I was pretty mad that you hadn’t told me the truth.

[Dissolve to: EXT: The ice rink in Weselton. Melina is playing hockey, but her normal eager expression is replaced by one of bitter rage. She makes several rough plays on her opponents. After a particularly vicious board check, she is sent to the penalty box. Dissolve to: After the game. A few of Melina’s teammates, concerned, try to talk to her. Melina is not interested.]

Melina [VO]: [embarrassed] And I did kinda take it out on people. People who are close to me.

[Dissolve to: INT: Gertie’s ice cream shop. Melina, atop a ladder held by Gertie, is retrieving a container from a shelf. Melina loses her balance and falls to the floor. The container falls on top of her, covering her in sugar. Melina shouts, gesticulating wildly. Gertie tries to help her up, but Melina slaps her away and storms off.]

Melina [VO]: But in time, I realised that you didn’t have a choice.

[Dissolve to: INT: The hallway outside Melina’s apartment. Melina, in tears, picks up the toy animals and jewelry from the floor. She takes everything back into her apartment.]

Melina [VO]: I mean, if you had come to Weselton as the queen... you know, like, not undercover... you’d just go around with all your advisors, and your entourage. I’d never have met you. None of this would have happened.

Elsa [VO]: Well, maybe if my entourage stopped off for ice cream.

Melina [VO]: [giggles] Yeah, maybe.

[Dissolve to: INT: Gertie’s ice cream shop. Melina is wearing some of the jewelry, and one of the toy animals peeks out from her backpack. Tearfully, she hugs Gertie goodbye. She buttons a coat and walks out.]

Melina [VO]: So I set out to find you. I heard that you had gone insane. But nobody really seemed to believe that.

Anna [VO]: I’m really sorry.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Outside the royal palace of Arendelle. Melina walks up to the gates and looks through hopefully.]

Melina [VO]: I waited outside the palace for days. Finally I saw Olaf.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Outside the royal palace, night. Melina waves excitedly. Olaf, inside the gates, bounds over and talks to her.]

Melina [VO]: He told me about Kristoff. We thought that maybe he could help Anna come to her senses.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Near the North Mountain. Elsa’s ice palace is visible in the distance. Melina and Olaf trudge through the snow. Suddenly, they see a sleigh. They wave it down and run toward it excitedly. It stops, and Young Kristoff emerges. Olaf embraces him, and then introduces him to Melina. The three begin to talk.]

Melina [VO]: So we went out to find him. It was a long trip. It is cold out there. What did you build a palace way out there for, anyway?

Elsa [VO]: It’s... it’s a long story.

Melina [VO]: Well, we found him. We told him what was going on. He agreed to help.

[Dissolve to: EXT: Outside the royal palace, night. A large group of townspeople, Young Kristoff at the front, walks toward the palace gates.]

Melina [VO]: So Kristoff started a rumour that Anna was going to let you out. Naturally, everyone was excited. They followed him up to the gates.

[Cut to: EXT: Rear entrance to the royal palace. Olaf hurries Sven and Melina inside.]

Melina [VO]: And while that was going on, Olaf smuggled Sven and me into the palace.

[Cut to: INT: Royal palace, outside the door to Elsa’s room. A guard stands in front of the door. Pull out to reveal Sven, running down the hallway and crashing into expensive objects. Melina follows, pointing at Sven and shouting something to the guard.]

Melina [VO]: So we created a diversion and lured the guard away. Then, while Olaf was freeing you, and the guards were trying to handle Sven, I went downstairs.

[Cut to: EXT: Palace grounds. Several guards are chasing after Sven, perhaps accompanied by a Sami-inspired arrangement of “Yakety Sax”. Pull out to reveal that we are actually in INT: a room in the palace ground floor, looking out the window. Melina is hiding behind a curio cabinet.]

Melina [VO]: I was waiting for a quiet moment to talk to you. But then, all of a sudden...

[Cut to: Melina’s POV. Enter Elsa, wielding an ice sword. A metal sword thrusts through the doorway. Elsa parries with her sword, which shatters. Elsa backs away and forms a new sword. Enter Anna, with her sword. Exit both into the great hall.]

Melina [VO]: I could tell that one of you was about to do something... something awful.

[Cut to: Closeup of Melina, watching in growing alarm.]

Melina [VO]: I had to do something. [voice breaking] But I didn’t know what. Not until...

[Melina’s expression changes to horrified realisation, then determination. She rushes out from her hiding place.]

Melina: [desperately shrieking] No! Stop!

[Cut to: INT: Great hall. Elsa glares viciously at Anna, unarmed and trapped against the ice. Ice and snow swirl around Elsa’s hands. As Elsa prepares to blast the ice at Anna, Melina runs in and applies a shoulder check to Elsa. The ice bursts in an enormous flash.]

Elsa [VO]: That was quite a hip check.

Melina [VO]: Shoulder check.

Elsa [VO]: Whatever.

[Dissolve to: INT: Great hall, present day, as before. The others are also seated.]

Elsa: Well, I’m glad you did it. A second later, and... and... [tears forming]

Anna: It doesn’t matter.

[Anna embraces Elsa and Melina.]

Anna: It’s all behind us now.

[Anna releases Elsa and Melina, who stand.]

Elsa: I couldn’t believe it when you showed up. I thought you couldn’t reconcile the... the... the knowledge that I was the one who cut off trade. I thought you... I thought you never wanted to see me again.

Melina: I thought so too. But I missed you, Elsa. I realised that... that I don’t care if you’re a queen, or an ice cream seller, or anything else you want to be. I realised that... well... I figured out who the real you is.

Elsa: You did?

Melina: Yes. It’s the one who came to all my hockey games, and it’s the one who rules over an entire country. It’s the one who kept me warm at night, and it’s the one who can build palaces out of ice. It’s the one who... who loses it if she’s alone for too long.

[Elsa looks away in shame. Melina places a hand on Elsa’s cheek, and Elsa meets her eyes again.]

Melina: And it’s the one who can forgive her sister for leaving her alone for too long. It’s all of them. They’re all the real you. And I love all of them. Elsa... I love you.

Elsa: I love you, Melina.

[Elsa kisses Melina.]

Elsa: So... you really don’t care whether or not I’m the queen?

Melina: [shrugs shoulders] Not in the slightest.

Elsa: Well, in that case... [turns to Anna] the job’s yours if you want it.

Anna: What are you talking about?

[Anna stands.]

Anna: [disbelieving] Wait. Do you really not want to be the queen any more?

Elsa: I don’t know. I mean... you’ve always been more suited to leadership. You’re calm... you’re determined.

Anna: Elsa... everyone loves you. They trust you. That’s what you need to be a leader, trustworthiness.

Elsa: I trust you, Anna.

Anna: But everyone else trusts you. Including me. I trust you. I always have. You’ve got good judgment. I mean... look at all this.

[Anna sweeps her arm across the room.]

Anna: The kingdom’s never been so prosperous. And it’s all because of your trade agreement.

Elsa: But I’m the one who broke off trade in the first place.

Anna: You had good reason to! And... and once you saw that it wasn’t working, you changed your mind. You weren’t stubborn. You didn’t stick to policies that were making things worse. You just went and did what was right.

[Anna takes Elsa’s hands.]

Anna: Look, you don’t have to make every decision all the time. I’ll be here to help you.

Melina: I’ll help too. Anything you need.

[Torill stands.]

Torill: And I’ll be happy to stay on as palace minister.

Elsa: That sounds good and all, but...

Anna: What?

Elsa: I don’t know. I just... why should I be the queen? Just because I happen to have been born first? You’re just as qualified as I am, Anna. You’re just as deserving. Why does it always have to be me?

Torill: Well... you could both be queen.

Anna: What?

Elsa: You mean, like, take turns?

Torill: I was thinking more like co-queens.

Melina: Yeah. Gertie and her husband used to run the ice cream shop together, back when he was still alive. I think that’s a good idea. [to Elsa] Don’t you?

Elsa: I don’t know. I mean... an entire kingdom is a little bigger than an ice cream shop.

Melina: So? All the more reason one person shouldn’t do it alone.

Elsa: Wait. Didn’t you just say you didn’t care?

Melina: [sighs] All right, I do care. What I mean is... I’m behind you, whatever you want to do. I just... I just don’t want you to abdicate because you think it’s what I want. It’s a big decision. It should be what you want.

Elsa: What I want.

[Elsa looks around the hall. Her gaze rests on Olaf, then Kristoff, then Torill, then Melina, and finally Anna.]

Elsa: [helpless] What... what is that?

[Anna takes Elsa aside.]

Anna: I think you know. Deep down, you know.

Elsa: [deep breath] Yeah. I do. [shrugs shoulders] What do you say... Your Co-Majesty?

Anna: [delighted, grateful] I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share the crown with... Your Co-Majesty.

[EXT: Before the palace, during the reception after the joint coronation ceremony. It is a clear summer night, with guests dancing to a slow waltz. Kristoff takes Anna aside.]

Kristoff: Anna, I’m so pleased to see you again. I’ve missed you so much.

Anna: I’ve missed you too. You have no idea. And... you were right. I’m so sorry, Kristoff.

Kristoff: I told you, I forgive you.

Anna: I’m never going to let that happen again. I’m never going to let you down like that again.

Kristoff: I know you won’t. I’m looking forward to what you’re going to accomplish.

Anna: Really? You are?

Kristoff: Of course. And I’d like to be there with you, every step of the way. In fact... [kneels, takes Anna’s hand] Anna... will you marry me?

Anna: [gasps] Kristoff... I’d love to. But...

Kristoff: But what?

Anna: Well, it’s a little fast, isn’t it? I mean, that’s what Elsa would say. And I trust her judgment on –

[Elsa, dancing with Melina, passes by, but stops on hearing this.]

Elsa: [to Anna] What? What would I say?

Anna: Well, we... we want to get married, but... you know, you wouldn’t want us to move that fast...

Elsa: Fast?! You’ve known each other for twenty eight years!

Anna: He’s known me for that long. I’ve only known him for...

Elsa: Nonsense. You two were made for each other.

Anna: So we... have your blessing?

Elsa: Of course you do! Go on! Be happy!

[Anna pulls Elsa into a tight hug.]

Anna: Oh, thank you thank you thank you thank you!

[Kristoff hugs Elsa.]

Kristoff: Thank you, Your Co-Majesty.

Elsa: [sighs] Elsa.

Kristoff: Thank you, Elsa.

Elsa: You’re welcome. Go on, you two. Dance! Enjoy yourselves! The night’s young!

[Kristoff takes Anna’s hand, but as they start to walk away, Elsa puts a hand on Anna’s shoulder.]

Elsa: Just... stay true to yourself, okay?

Anna: I will. And... you too.

Elsa: I will. Of course.

[Anna nods, pleased. Exit Anna and Kristoff. Elsa watches them for a moment, expression changing from pride to contemplation.]

Melina: What?

Elsa: Hmm?

Melina: Something on your mind?

Elsa: Oh. I was... I was just thinking about something she said.

Melina: What?

Elsa: Do you remember when we were... you know... in the great hall? She said that I could use my powers to make things better?

Melina: Yeah?

[Elsa and Melina walk, hand in hand, to a quiet spot away from the band.]

Elsa: I’m just... I’m just trying to figure out how.

Melina: Well, you kept the ice cream cold.

Elsa: That’s not quite what I had in mind.

Melina: What did you have in mind?

Elsa: I don’t know. I... [helpless shrug] Listen. I’ve almost killed people with my powers. More than once. But there must be some way I can save lives with them.

[Elsa and Melina turn and watch the dancers.]

Melina: What about firefighting?

Elsa: What? Firefighting?

Melina: It’s where you put fires out and rescue people from –

Elsa: I know what it is.

Melina: Well, you can create ice. Wouldn’t that put a fire out?

Elsa: I... I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.

Melina: Let’s try it!

Elsa: What, now?

Melina: [giggles] Not now, silly. Not in the middle of your reception. But, like, one day when you don’t have any, you know, dignitaries to host, or proclamations to issue, or whatever.

Elsa: That’s not really what I do all day.

Melina: You know what I mean. Time off. Queens have time off, don’t they?

Elsa: [amused smile] Yes. Of course we do.

Melina: Well, I’ll be happy to set some stuff on fire for you and see if you can put it out.

Elsa: [facetious] Oh, thank you. That’s so generous of you.

Melina: [mock outrage] Why, how dare you take that tone with me!

Elsa: [grinning] Yes, Your Highness.

[Melina giggles.]

Elsa: Want to dance some more?

Melina: Sure.

[They return to the floor and resume dancing. As they turn, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf are visible in the background, looking at the skies through the telescope.]

Melina: So if we get married...

[Elsa looks at Melina.]

Melina: Just saying. I know, I know. No need to rush into anything.

Elsa: Well, I guess we have known each other for twenty four years.

Melina: I don’t think it works that way. But... if we did... you know, one day... would that make me a queen too?

Elsa: [shrugs shoulders] Sure. If you want to be.

Melina: [distasteful] Then there’d be three queens.

Elsa: You don’t have to be anything. Kristoff always said that he didn’t want a title if they got married. Personally, I liked the sound of “Prince Kristoff”, but he wouldn’t go for it.

Melina: So there aren’t, like, rules about what title the ruler’s spouse gets?

Elsa: It’s by decree. Whatever title you want. Anna and I will make it happen.

Melina: “Princess Melina”. Is it bad that I like that?

[Elsa looks at Melina, a smile forming.]

Elsa: No, not at all.

[Melina kisses Elsa.]